Holiday open house at Zumas rescue ranch 

Mark your calendars for Zumas rescue ranch open house this Saturday! Help support this amazing organization. You can even pick a horse to sponsor.  They have some phenomenal horses. #bodyinharmony #lovethislife #zumasrescueranch #horses #adoptdontshop #holidayopenhouse

Dynamic Duo

  The puppies wanted to get sessions at the same time today. Couldn’t be convinced otherwise. So much fun. They were rock stars. #bodyinharmony #lovethislife #puppies #dogslovebodywork #integrativebodywork #rolfer

Happy snow day from Hawkeye the mighty pony!

We hope everyone had a spectacular day filled with warmth! Love the body in harmony team!

Testimonial from Jari Lea

​About a year or so ago I came to Lauren after spending almost a year going form doctor to doctor to figure out what was going on with an injury from a horse falling over backwards, saddle and all on me.  The shoulder of the saddle went into my inner thigh when she fell leaving…

Shake the world

I’m not sure the source of this image but whoever made it is give them full credit? I love the message?

Embodiment for equestrians testimonial

  Great day at the Riding in Harmony clinic which focuses on combining heart-centered body awareness with mindful riding. No pictures of me and Big Vinny but we had an excellent ride with some meaningful breakthroughs.  Who knew that breathing into the bend of your elbows could elicit such a beautifully soft and supple response…

Tilly the duck! 

This week I had the honor of doing a rolfing session with a very special duck named Matilda. It was so much fun working with her. Thank you to happy dog ranch for letting me work with her ?

Embodiment For Equestrians

When I injured my back it resulted in me loosing connection and  coordination in my body. This was especially true for the connection between my upper and lower body. This didn’t bode well for my ability to ride a horse, let alone walk.  I had to reestablish these neural pathways and communication in my fascial…

A New Heart Rhythm

I was born with Wolff Parkinson’s White Syndrome. It is a rare condition that leads to extra electrical pathways in the heart that can cause it to beat too fast at times. It became apparent in the last few month through a routine check up that it had become time to address it. I had…

Congratulations to the May Level one Equine Natural Movement Class

These two amazing ladies did a great job in their first level of training with the equine natural movement school in Colorado! We are so grateful to all the horses and barns that allowed us to work with them! Here are some photos from the class! A special shout out to Hawkeye the mighty pony…

Working in Tanzania, Africa

In February my husband and myself traveled to Tanzania, Africa to work with the amazing group of kids at the Leaders of Tomorrow School run by Pete O’Neal and Mama C.  We traveled with Kay Trotman and Destined to Travel. He taught the kids how to work with computers and I had the honor of…

Intro to Equine SI Class June 24th!

One Day Intro Equine Structural Integration class Where:RMSAAM Elizabeth Campus 30522 Long Horn Circle Elizabeth CO 80107 When: 9-5 June 24th Cost: $150 Lauren Harmon, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ for people and horses, will be offering a one day introduction class to learn basic gentle skills for working with the fascia of the horse (connective…