Chasing Coral-Protect the Oceans Reefs

Chasing Coral is a must see for all. It delves into the reality of our coral reefs and how in trouble they are. They were able to capture images of coral reef bleaching happening due to rises in the temperature of the water. They took shots of the reef everyday and showed how over a very short time an entire reef was killed. Twenty nine percent of the great barrier reef has died! It is projected that in 30 years most of the world’s coral reefs will be dead if we don’t do something to change the way we take care of our planet.

It isnt too late though! We can still reduce the destruction and give our planet a chance.

Some ways to help

*Supporting clean energy initiatives

*Reduce your pollution especially use of plastics

*Help rebuild the reefs by helping with reef planting programs

*Support conscious companies that are creating as little waste and pollution as possible, especially when it comes to water quality

*Dive responsibly

Check out this article for more ways to help the Ocean


To learn more about 50 Reefs check out their website! 50 Reefs

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