Helping Horses and Humans Remember Their Magic and Embody Their Brilliance!

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Embodied Equestrian® Guide coming Summer 2024!

"Lauren is a gifted bodyworker for both humans and horses alike.  She combines a refined sensitivity to her clients' needs with a wealth of ingrained techniques and approaches.  She has a way of unwrapping the restrictions in both people and equines in such a gentle, perceptive and comprehensive fashion that they melt into the experience."

~Joseph Freeman (Head Teacher and Founder of The Equine Movement School)


I am Lauren Harmon and Welcome to Instill Harmony!

My intention is to help you and your animal friends, especially your ponies, live your most embodied and full lives together! To witness and enhance what's already awesome and help uplift what needs more support!

My first sentence as a child was "let's go pet the ponies." This connection to horses, especially through touch, has been with me from the start. I am eternally grateful to these beings for all the gifts they bestow upon me, and it is these gifts I will continue to share as best I can with the world. In addition to my passion for these beautiful animals, I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer (fascia), Equine Visionary Craniosacral and Acupressure Practitioner, and a student of Animism. I offer sessions for enhancing the wellbeing of horse and equestrians, as well as mentoring sessions for those wanting to cultivate a deeper relationship with their horse and be empowered to help their horses and themselves!

My desire is that we as a collective can bring more love and compassion into the world. That is what I wish to bring forth with my work and radiate into the world. For me being of service to horses is a way to access this remembering of our connection to something bigger than ourselves and that we are a part of nature, not separate. All beings are connected in a beautiful web.


With Gratitude,

 Lauren Harmon ♥

Located in Northern Colorado (Occupied Sioux, Cheyenne, Ute and Arapahoe Territory)