"Lauren is a gifted bodyworker for both humans and horses alike.  She combines a refined sensitivity to her clients' needs with a wealth of ingrained techniques and approaches.  She has a way of unwrapping the restrictions in both people and equines in such a gentle, perceptive and comprehensive fashion that they melt into the experience."

~Joseph Freeman (Head Teacher and Founder of The Equine Movement School)

Lauren‘s work is truly exceptional; a unique and essential part of helping a horse to heal. As a trainer who rehabs and restarts rescue horses, I have worked with Lauren for many years, and consider her to be an invaluable asset on the journey of bringing horses to wholeness.  Although I appreciate and call upon a variety of modalities to support the horses I work with, I consider Lauren‘s work to be the fundamental element for true healing and lasting change. Whether the Horse is needing balance in the body, connection through their movement, or improved harmony in their internal energy, all aspects of the Horse’s being will benefit from a session with Lauren.

Gray Kyle-Graves (Whole Heart Horsemanship)


Lauren Harmon, with Instill Harmony, has been working on our animals for over 7 years.  She has lovingly offered healing hands on treatment to ducks, goats, dogs and horses, to name a few.  Her ability to intuit and listen to the animals and  offer the most effective, kind and collaborative healing is unparalleled.

Animals line up for her sessions and gather around to share in and support the animals being treated. She has helped to reduce swelling, inflammation and misalignment with gentle techniques that both reassure and create lasting results.  We rely on her ability to “read” the body and help address illness, discomfort and injury so that we can all focus on the essentials of healing.  Instill Harmony is the perfect name for what she does, she helps to instill the body’s natural harmony to help it heal itself.  She does all of this with a joyfulness that is contagious and life affirming.

~Bernadette Spillane (Happy Dog Ranch)

Oh, where to start! Lauren is without question a special person. My horse is not the cuddly type. He prefers you just “get on with it”. Grooming is tolerated, not appreciated. But yet, he LOVES Lauren!! I watch her work with him and he just can’t get enough. Somehow she just magically knows what to address. She quickly identifies the problem and then resolves it. Lauren has helped him through a long period of undiagnosed liver issues and laminitis. He saw many specialists during this time. The only one he appreciated was Lauren. 💕
I have also done a mounted session with Lauren, which was so beneficial. Her insight is remarkable and spot on. It all seems like magic to me, but without a doubt there is transition.
We use many body workers who are all quality providers, but none deliver results like Lauren. I’ve never met a more grounded, warm and loving person.
~Nancy O

It’s hard to put into words to truly encompass the amazing abilities that Lauren has. I like to describe it as magic, but her skill is so refined and amazing that it’s hard to describe. I have seen inflammation go down on a horses leg in front of my eyes before. Her innate ability to assess and evaluate each individual horse and rider in a non-judgmental yet helpful way has been so crucial to all my students and their horses. If I ever have a question about a certain horse or issue she has a plan and exercises that will help us.

Lauren has been working on my own horse for 6 years and every session she’s able to get him more and more at ease in his own body. We have learned so much from our riding lessons that it has made long lasting effects for our relationship. Each session I learn more and more about biomechanics of horse and rider as well as nutrition that helps create the best possible support for each horse. Every session with Lauren is a true gift.

~Vanessa Chavez (Dala Dressage)

As a trainer i so value having Lauren work on my group of horses. She does such an amazing job of reading everything going on with each horse and helps them reach their full potential. They ALL absolutely LOVE their time with her. It is always so neat to see the transformation after her work! She has great ideas that help us keep our horses feeling their best! And is great at solving our hard to treat and locate problems. She is always a delight to have at the barn! Can not recommend her enough!
~Ann Fouret (Fouret Farms)

One of the things I love the most about Lauren working on my horses is that I’ve learned to stop thinking about them in terms of having dysfunctions or issues. Now I see my horses a being in a state of healing on their path to wholeness. This has made a profound difference for my relationship with my horses, the ease and suppleness in their bodies and in my own body as a rider.

Lorna Adley (Oh Be Joyful Stables)

"As a professional equine bodyworker and instructor myself, I am honored to talk about Lauren. From a practitioner’s perspective, she has very, very few equals. Her skill set is so vast and refined that she continues to be a national leader in our field.
In equine bodywork there are two distinct skills required: the ability to specifically discern an imbalance, and once discerned, how to help restore that balance and instill harmony. Lauren is the best of the best at both of these.
In the interest of full disclosure, I consider Lauren to be both a friend and mentor, and whenever I come across a challenge beyond my ability, I reach out to her. Indeed, she is always my first choice when I need help with my personal horses.
Beyond her amazing gifts in reading and balancing horses, Lauren is one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She is as kind, supportive, and helpful to her clients and she is to the horses in her care. Her passion for this work is unparalleled, and whenever she offers a class or mentoring session I am the first to sign up.
There are only a handful of people I’ve meet in my life that truly enrich it in a transcendent way. Lauren is one of them."

Lauren has worked on my horses for several years. It’s hard to put into words how beneficial this has been. Lauren has a unique grasp of the body system of a horse. She often finds areas of inflammation that match what I’m feeling when I ride. She is able to impact those areas and understand the connection to other problem areas that I’m not even aware of. The horses LOVE her. They are happy to see her, become very relaxed during her work sessions and often just want to snuggle with her at the end. She is kind, generous, loving and is everything that is right in the world. Her calmness and awareness are helpful to the horses and to me. I cannot speak more highly of the person she is and the work she does.

~Eleanor Harrison

" I call Lauren my 'fascial magician' because of the unique way she approaches the horses body getting into the deep areas and working from the inside out. The animals absolutely love her and the quiet grace in her methods sets a beautiful tone for healing. She is so much more though, and attends to the whole horse. Lauren offers valuable insights into nutrition, behavior, training as well as work with riders in combination with their horses and she teaches too!! I encourage all my clients to use Lauren in between my sessions and I can always tell which horses she is working on because they are so much better when I see them again.  Both myself and my horse are very grateful to have Lauren in our lives !
~Rachel Heart Bellini DVM CVA CVSMT (Heart Equine)

There is so much good to say about Lauren, I don’t know where to start. I enjoy being in her presence. She has such an open, non judgmental way about her. I feel it, as do my animals.

I have been fortunate to know Lauren for over ten years now. With each passing year her depth of understanding, education, and talent has grown. I’m always taken aback at something new she will add to my horse’s session. Sharing any information about my horse, whether it be emotional or physical, past or present, Lauren addresses it.

I feel I give my horse and myself a gift each time I have Lauren out. It is a positive physical experience for my horse every time. Just, or even more importantly, it is an emotional positive for both my horse and myself.  She is always very helpful in leaving me with a few tips or simple things to do to support the work she’s done. The bonding that occurs through doing these simple things has expanded the relationship with my horse and is phenomenally enjoyable.

Lauren has such a wealth of knowledge, you will find both you and your four leggeds in very good hands.

Shelley Jansen
(horse mom, daughter mom, dog mom)


My horse, Wish, and I were gifted a handful of sessions with Lauren at a really difficult time as he had just sustained a serious injury leaving a large wound on his hind leg. I had rescued Wish from an tumultuous past only a few months earlier. Given that he was very reactive to vet care at the time, this injury was particularly stressful for both of us. Lauren not only helped Wish in his healing from the injury, but has helped me understand how to support him in the healing of trauma and old tensions from his past life.

Equally important, working with Lauren has opened the world of equine bodywork to me. It is one of my favorite activities to do with Wish. With an initially untrusting horse, Lauren’s work and guidance has made all the difference in helping us to develop a true connection. This has also brought a deeper awareness to the importance of my own healing and growth journey.

I’ve felt so inspired by what Lauren does and what she’s taught me to do that I’ve started on the path of learning about bodywork and other healing modalities in a more serious way. Lauren has been such an open, generous guide in my exploration. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her and so look forward to further growth and discovery in partnership with Wish and as an individual.

~Christina Manian

Riding Testimonial From Christina M

It’s hard to express just how valuable riding sessions with Lauren are for my horse, Wish, and I. Given that Wish is a rehab horse from multiple physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, I’ve become super sensitive and concerned with whether my riding is serving him or harming him. Lauren is someone I fully trust with these concerns. I know that when we’re riding with her, Wish will not be pushed past his physical or mental thresholds nor asked to engage in work that will contribute or lead to injury. She is also so kind, compassionate, understanding, and incredibly helpful when it comes to my healthy body positioning. Her guidance and advice in these sessions are truly invaluable to me and I honestly prefer to work with her over many trainers because of her deep understanding of truly healthy biomechanics and movement. These riding sessions are the definition of a safe space for my horse and I.

One of the many things I appreciate about working with Lauren is her unique approach to each animal. Lauren applies all of her integrative proficiency in bodywork and meets your animal where they are at to help them grow further. She helps animals work through many different processes, such as using their body with proper alignment, providing feeling to body parts that have been muted, moving through the animal’s emotions and helping to bring extra support to areas that need it. Lauren’s work with my horse, Teddi, has been paramount and incredibly beneficial in supporting his arthritic joints. She’s helped him use his body effectively and is one of the vital parts of his care. I could not personally recommend Lauren highly enough if you are looking for an empathetic and knowledgeable professional to help support your animal in any area in their life.

~Naomi K and Teddi

Lauren became a staple for the success of developing my young Irish sport horse, Wren. When I first started seeing Lauren Wren was struggling through his body because of the massive changes he was going through as a big growing 4 year old, this discomfort was making it hard for him to answer the questions I was asking in training. Lauren helped Wren through this growth by helping him find balance and alignment in his body. During these sessions I watched Wren tell Lauren exactly what was bothering him and watched her listen and help him through those issues in the most intuitive way. Laurens work allows horses to find and maintain the comfort and freedom in their bodies they must have in order to learn and answer the questions we ask of them. 

~Hailey and Wren

Lauren is grounded,  intuitive and genuinely focused on healing human or animal. My horse  Levi had a random fever 106 (not able to find the cause) he lost mobility in his tail and  his  desire  just to go about daily. Lauren came with her calm energy and healing hands, after an hour Levi swished his tail  and walked away comfortably  it was so amazing and beautiful to see him be a horse  again! She has helped me  understand a new way of thinking and communicating with my horses which has created a stronger bond. Lucy my mare just had arthroscopic surgery,  Lauren was there before during and after with holistic support and  energy work  we are so BLESSED  to have Lauren  in our lives.

💜 Shellane

levi 2

Me and my horses are so lucky to have Lauren in our lives, and as part of our team. Lauren is an integral part of my dressage horse’s support team, as well as my retired 30 year old pony’s. Lauren has a way with horses and an amazing intuition. She goes above and beyond to provide horses with the best support possible. Lauren has been particularly helpful in guiding me and my family through tough decisions regarding our late horse’s quality of life in his elderly age. She has such compassion for all living creatures, and such a gift. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~Gabriela Flores

Lauren Harmon entwines expert technique with exceptional insight to offer animals transformative shifts both physically and emotionally. Whether helping to release trauma; dispel pain and realign bodies; consult on dietary and movement programs to best uplift each being; or countless other instances she has supported my dog and horses to live their fullest lives... Lauren's work is unquestionably an immeasurable gift to each of the lives she touches. So much so, that when she only has time for some, the others always find ways to join in!

~Thea Shaw


I have known of Lauren and her work for almost 10 years, from running in similar circles. I didn’t have the honor to work directly with her until about 3 years ago when I adopted an OTTB, Albus, who was in rough shape. By her reputation alone, I knew she had to be a part of his rehab team. In the past three years Albus has suffered varying degrees of lameness, along with major tendon tearing from going through a wire fence. Without Lauren’s care and treatments, I highly doubt Albus would be the happy, healthy, and sound horse he is today. Lauren will be a part of my life for as long as I own horses, I can not recommend her enough.


Lauren was recommended to me by one of my patients. My mare Ruby had a bad experience with a vet who power drilled all her teeth and she lost her propriorececptors, teeth to feet. Ruby was not able to function well before Lauren. She had major separation anxiety from my other horse, Einstein aka E. She would scream and run around in her own when I would take him out to ride. Worst anxiety I have ever witnessed. Everyone told me to get rid of her, she was dangerous and not worth my time. I knew it was not training or behavioral issue, but something else.
After a year and 1/2 of Lauren working with her, Ruby is now able to calm herself. When I take E away she only nickers and then goes in her stall and waits until we return. I am also able to ride her alone off property on the trail loop across the road. I took her for a trailer ride away from E just last week. She did amazing and again was able to calm herself with just a few guides from me.
I am so grateful to have found Lauren. She was able to see that Ruby needed to have her nervous system reset and give her a better place to live. Not once has Lauren told me to get rid of Ruby. Lauren knows that Ruby is special and that I am the only one who gave her a chance.
~Susan Baker

Lauren is amazing! Lauren has been working on both my dog and horse for several years now. My dog had many medical issues, some so rare we needed up at CSU vet school. With Lauren’s sessions as part of my dogs regular holistic care he is now a happy, healthy dog! I love that Lauren can describe what’s she’s doing and also give me ideas and take aways that I can do with my dog as well.

~Valerie H

Lauren is a gift! Her intuition and abilities have undoubtedly helped my dog continue to be able to walk after a spinal cord injury. Nobody can do what she does and bonus - my dog LOVES her. I am forever grateful for her!

~Heidi and Shumba

I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Lauren's one-day workshop on Structural Integration for Horses! It is HANDS DOWN the best one day equine class I've ever taken! Not only will you learn effective techniques to help your horses, you'll learn ones to help yourself too! I use what I learned in this class every day on my own herd of 6 horses with chronic pain issues. They love it! I even used it to help my husband when he fell off one of our horses. And one of her techniques helped my own elbow pain immediately. This is GREAT, effective stuff! I combine her techniques with self-taught Masterson Method and NOW I feel like I FINALLY have an effective toolbox of techniques to truly make a difference for my herd who all have different chronic pain issues. Now I am EMPOWERED to help my herd in between sessions of paid body work/chiro/accupuncture. Gift yourself and your herd with this class, it's the gift that keeps on making a real difference!

~Jennifer Oikle

I can't say enough good things about Lauren. I am a dressage rider and trainer and wish Lauren could work on all of the horses that I ride. I had the pleasure of having her work on my very sensitive mare for the last two + years and we both love Lauren for her calm and patient approach. A lot of the standard touches/ strokes were a bit too much for Prada to process initially and it always takes her a while to trust new people. Lauren was very patient with Prada's comfort level and by the end of the two years Prada enjoyed her sessions with Lauren so much, I couldn't believe it!
My horse has had a lot of health and body issues, of which we have finally figured out the underlying causes, but in the meantime Lauren was always very helpful in helping me identify areas of her body that were out of balance or tense and approaches to help her be best. She always took the time to listen to me describe what I was feeling under saddle and helped me understand where that tension was coming from in her body or where she might be compensating. She told me after a session once that she thought a lot of her issues were coming from her hind gut and after another month of pain, I started treating her for hind gut ulcers and the difference was amazing.
Anyway, I could go on and on about how wonderful Lauren is. I'm sad I have left Colorado and she can't work with us anymore!
~Sarah Fulton Smith

Lauren has done amazing work for both me and my dog Sitka. Sitka is an 11 year old malamute who had to have surgery done on a torn cruciate ligament about 5 years ago. She's getting stiff and arthritic in her knees and other areas of her body she has been using for compensation. Lauren's work has helped her find more ease and comfort in her body and she absolutely adores Lauren. As for myself... Lauren has helped me work with old patterns of tension and discomfort in my body. I've found a great deal of relief from her sessions that really helps me in my yoga practice and my riding. Lauren certainly has a special touch with all beings, and I've personally been witness to how much she helps horses, dogs, cats, and people. Whether it is helping to heal the aftermath of an injury or just to treat yourself to something that will make you or your animal friends feel great, I highly recommend Lauren's practice!

~Zoe Z

My horse Merlin and I were lucky enough to be a demo horse for Lauren at the RM Horse Expo in March. He really seemed to like the treatment and it helped his L shoulder a great deal. The next day after the demo, however, I got a call from a friend that he was acting very zoned out in his stall at the National Western. A call to Lauren and she went to see him before I could get there... he was just processing things and grooving on feeling good!!!
She came out to J Bar 4 Ranch to continue the Rolfing treatments on Merlin and it has made a tremendous difference in his ability to use his body. I am also using the balance rig 1-2 times per week, but he just got seen by our beloved wonder-vet, Diane Wagner, VMD, and she said his back was the best ever!!!
And, Lauren has provided similar amazing treatment to several other horses at our barn as well.
She is so knowledgeable and skilled at her trade that I can confidently recommend her to anyone who's horse has some musculoskeletal issues (and what horse or human doesn't!)
~Arlyn LaBair

Lauren has helped me and my horse so much. She has an ability to sense human and equine imbalance and has always been the first to notice an issue that need to be addressed. My mate loves her and that's five stars in my book 🙂

~Patti Hallock

Lauren had helped a horse I was riding for a friend that had some very old postural issues as well as some body balance problems. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after each visit I saw a marked improvement in the horse's ability to move and coordinate himself. By the 5th session he was so free moving that some folks asked me whose horse it was. I decided to try Lauren on my own horse that had an 8 year old healed shoulder injury as well as some old ligament restrictions in his lower LF extremity. There were also some compensation issues that he was dealing with regularly that were being treated with acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Since he was a basically healed but showed only restrictions I ran him through her recommended 5 treatment plan. Have to say I've never seen this horse move so loose and free. He now can extend his shoulder and his compensation issues are neither as frequent nor severe. He's a performance horse showing in Versatility Ranch Horse and finished out 2nd overall in our division and he did sound and happy. She has since worked on other horses at our barn with very old scar tissue and it's amazing what is happening to these guys. I've recommend Lauren of several other people and hope to see how these horses progress. I think it's important to mention that good riding rehab plan also plays an important part for quicker healing and holding on to the new pasterns. Thanks for all you do for our equine friends!

~Teresa Danielson

Lauren does amazing things for horses. A horse of mine that couldn't be ridden due to body issues is now working quietly under saddle and I plan to ride him within a couple weeks.

~Sue Foster

It's hard to put into words who Lauren is and how she works, touches, heals. I can't tell if the energy is coming through her or if she is creating it. I just know that an altered space is created just by being in her presence. She helped me when I was having neurological difficulties with balance and control of fine motor skills. I always felt calmer and more centered when Lauren worked on me.
She is a brilliant and sensitive body worker with animals and humans. Everybody loves her...horses, dogs and people. She works from her heart and sees and senses things most people wouldn't. Lauren is love and love heals.
I have seen the results of her work on horses and it is amazing! It's like she opened up the envelope of one young scrawny horse that I worked with as a yearling and gave him space to grow into a stunning big gelding.
I'm not quite sure where she gets her messages but I know it is divine. I can't wait to get back in her schedule...it's on my bucket list!
~Lauren Munger

Lauren is an amazing body healer. She worked on me when I was having health issues while we were both in Nepal recently. She was so very gentle in her touch and through her work I felt energy shift as love and healing entered my being. The work she did on me had a ripple effect as she worked on other trekkers and Sherpa guides alike. We all were better off for and amazed by Lauren's healing touch. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

~Don Moore

Lauren is amazing! She is very knowledgeable, caring and gentle. I highly recommend her!

~Ann Noble ♥