Lauren Harmon


Embody Your Brilliance

Lauren brings a heart centered and holistic approach to helping other beings embody their brilliance and thrive.

Her passion is enhancing one's experience through integrative bodywork and movement. When we move we can change the world because it increases our chance for interaction with our community and nature. By increasing our desire to fully experience life we are more likely to want to nurture ourselves and nature! Developing a deeper connection and enhancing the health of our animals is also a huge piece of this. it is deeply important that we take care of our animals friends. Horses especially have always been an important part of Lauren's life.

Lauren is a Horse Rolfer, craniosacral and acupressure practitioner and so much more. 


Training and Experience:


Lauren's WHY!

Lauren grew up riding jumpers and bareback anytime she could. She competed up to young riders. She always had a passion for learning the art of healing and developing a deeper connection with horses. This passion was amplified by three major events in her life. She lost her soul horse, Carmella, and became ill with something that took a long time to discover the source of, and injured her back to the point that she couldn't ride a horse anymore, or so she thought. Through these three experiences she learned how to be there for horses in a whole new way to help them heal and prevent injury. She learned what it meant to heal at the soul level and changed her life and wellbeing through that process. Last but not least she had to learn to ride from scratch because nothing worked like it did before. It took a couple years before she could back in the saddle again but once she did it led to a whole new understanding of what it means to be an equestrian! This led to the development of her embodied equestrian work where she helps horses and riders deepen their embodiment together through bodywork and movement. This is very important work to her because when she got hurt she felt like a piece of her had been lost by not being able to ride anymore and in the end it turned out to be a beautiful gift. She wishes to be able to share this with any equestrian that hopes to have a better relationship with their horse whether they ride or not.