∞ In Person Offerings ∞

In Person sessions offered in Northern Colorado! Online Sessions also available for Embodied Equestrian™ and Mentoring

Embodiment Sessions for the Horse

At Instill Harmony we offer a gentle blending of Rolfing® Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral, Movement/Somatic exploration, Acupressure and a heart centered energetic approach to helping your horse feel their best!

Possible Benefits

  • Balance tensegrity (structural integrity) in the horse's body
  • Increased capacity to regulate nervous system
  • Increased body awareness
  • Facilitate healing from injury, trauma or changes in life
  • A happier horse and human relationship
  • Support for all stages of life

Sessions are about 45-60 minutes


Embodied Equestrian® Sessions

Enhance your relationship with your horse and self ♥

What is embodied equestrian®:

  • It's bodywork in motion for the horse and rider in order to help them come together.
  • When the horse and rider change at the same time it allows them to integrate together and develop a better relationship from a heart centered space.
  • Both the horse and rider will get gentle bodywork through the session. The session is customized to meet you and your horse where you are at.

What is a session like:

  • We start with a chat about where you and your horse are at and see where I can be of help most!
  • We start from the ground and I have you walk together (if this is accessible to you) to see where you are start out. We may do some movements on the ground first and then have you ride
    • If you are not riding, we will continue on the ground
  • If you are riding, we then move to the saddle and have you experience things with the changes made one the ground and go from there
  • Sessions are about an hour

This is about helping you feel what it is like to be in your body and how that speaks to your horse. It is meant to complement the skills you already have and enhance your ability to understand what trainer asks of you. The horse and rider will receive bodywork together and then learn how to integrate in motion so that they move in harmony with one another.

Lauren travels to you. If you ride at a boarding facility, it is the responsibility of the rider to make sure that it is ok for her to work with you while riding. This work is meant to supplement the training you are already doing and give you new ways to build the bond with your horse!



For All people who love horses and want to be empowered to help them! ♥

These are one on one sessions to learn how to do integrative bodywork. In this session you are the practitioner, and I will be acting as your guide in the process!  You will gain new awareness and capacity for helping horses feel their best while enhancing your perception and feel. We will do a session together with the horse of your choosing or I can provide one for you. I use this as an opportunity to give back to lesson horses in the community if I choose the horse!

These sessions are for anyone that is open to learning. You do not have to have any previous bodywork experience. It is custom to you and what you would like to explore

Sessions are about an hour long