Testimonial From Stephanie

“Many years ago I met a Rolfer and when the technique was described, it sounded harsh and painful. Then I attended a clinic few months ago and met Lauren, a Certified Advanced Rolfer, and after sharing my previous experience, she did a sample of her work on my arm. Oh my gosh! So different. Her touch is gentle, purposeful and healing. Not much later, I won the bid on her services at a fundraiser. She came out to provide healing to my horse, Dillon. She was always on Dillon’s time…. to meet him, letting him get comfortable with her, and working on him. No requirement to tie him up – so he was loose in the round pen. Yea! When he needed a break to process what she was helping him release or to come over to check on me, she was okay with it. He walked over to her when he was ready for more releasing. She’s really good at intuitively reading the horse and makes the healing that much more beneficial. I’d describe her work as a combination of intuitive connection & communication plus technique plus energy healing. Dillon is used to that type of healing and he enjoyed his session immensely. Lauren helped release his chest, back, rib area, jaw, head – well everything. When I saw Dillon a few days later, he continued walking feely with more flexibility than in the past. He seemed like he was grounded in his body and had brighter eyes. I learned from Lauren to give Dillon lots and lots of time to process. I can’t wait until she has classes to add her technique to my toolbag of healing.”

“At the end of Dillon’s session, Lauren gave me a mini-session to help me with my balance after my accident. I followed her guidance, and when she focused on certain parts of my body – I involuntarily moved in ways I wasn’t familiar with. Like she was helping put my nervous and physical systems back in place. It was amazing. I continue to use her techniques when I’m feeling ungrounded or wobbly. Which isn’t much anymore. ”