A horse showed me during one of our sessions that the land around her was hurting and that she was trying to help it feel better. So, in the session we asked the land what it needed to feel whole and express its magic. It showed us that it needed us to ask it how it want to be seen. What was its original energetic blueprint. It had been altered many times by mother nature and by the changes that humans had made without consulting the land. It was like a fast motion slide show of all its evolutions. Then it rested on one image of how it wanted to be seen. There was a deep sense of peace all around us when this image came through. We were then shown that this could be done anywhere in the world to show our love and connection to the earth.

I feel we can do this for each other as well. We can see each other as our pure essence and the being that we were before the world told us who to be. We can see each other’s original blueprint and hold that being in love. And when we do this, we make it just a little easier for everyone to feel safe enough to return and remember who they truly are. ♥