Meditation to connect to the Majesty of the Horse

A gentle meditation to help you connect to moment you first became aware of the horse

As you read through this go slowly and at your own pace remembering to pause as needed!

Take a few deeps breaths allowing yourself to feel supported by the ground, the earth, the space around you. Fill your belly with breath and then exhale through the soles of your feet.

Let yourself connect to the energy of the memory when horses first came into your awareness and feel that in your heart space ♥

Deeply letting the initial awareness of the majesty of the horse sink in. What does that memory feel like? How did it shift your experience of the world to feel that connection? How does it impact how you connect to nature?

Next imagine that first time where you got touch a horse and the energy that coursed through your body in that moment. Fully feel that sensation as if you were touching a horse for the first time all over again! What sensation does that create in your being?

Allow yourself to expand your senses further to embrace the smell of the horse and earth around you, that unmistakable aroma of what it means to be in the presence of a horse. Pure joy. What does that smell like? What notes of different fragrances come up for you? Let that connect you further to the horse and nature.

Now imagine you are moving with the horse in whatever discipline you love as if you have been doing it all your life with grace. That you two can move together gracefully in harmony. This is not a state of enmeshment, but two beings moving together as if they are dancing to their favorite song perfectly in tune with one another. How does that make you want to move in your body?

Take a deep breath and once this moment has left its beautiful energy signature and vibration with you take a moment to deeply thank that horse or horses as a collective for the relationship and the gift of knowing the magic of the horse.

No matter when this gift of the horse came into your life allow the connection to nourish the child within. Let it be a guide when you feel you are in need of some direction because this sensation will be there for you when you need to stay present, mindful, kind and compassionate with yourself ♥


Deep gratitude,

Lauren Harmon