Self Worth

The topic of self-worth in relationship to our animal family has been coming up a lot this week, so just wanted to share this in case it was helpful.

As a person who cares deeply for my animal family and the other animals I work with. I realized at one point that I was equating my self worth based on how well they were doing, how well they were feeling and how well they were thriving. With the help of some amazing people and my daily somatic and awareness practices, I realized this was not impacting me in a helpful way and did the exploration to shift this belief and mindset. It made all the difference in the world in my relationship with my animals and myself for the better. It also makes it easy to show up in the way I want to for others, with Full heart 💓 and lots of love.

I think this can be true for any relationship we are in our life. We are worthy and we can be there for those we love. It’s a both+and.

With love and gratitude,
Lauren 🌈