Simple joys

Life is filled with magical moments and simple joys. It’s not about feeling good 100% of the time. It’s about increasing our capacity to be with whatever shows up so that we can transmute it more easily, cultivating inner safety. It’s a sense of knowing that no matter what you can move throughout the world and that your body is this amazing living conscious matrix that is always co-creating to keep you safe. It’s constantly reorganizing based on how you move throughout your day, the thoughts that you have, the emotions that you feel, nothing happens in isolation. So as we experience our day, we can optimize our experience by recognizing this interconnectedness and giving ourselves grace and compassion as we navigate being human💜💜💜

This beauty was waiting for me at the gate today when it was her turn for a session and it was just one of those moments that felt so special. A reminder that the simplest thing can have such a profound impact. A reminder that life can be magical.