Embodied Equestrian Workshops

Instill Harmony is currently taking a break from group workshops. Please check back here for changes in that status!

Embodied Equestrian Workshop

Do you have a desire to be more connected to your horse and feel more in tune with your spirit, mind and body? In this workshop we will work on combining body awareness and movement of the horse and rider to enhance the way you work together. It will give you tools for when you are working with your horse on your own and with your trainer!

In this workshop we will get in touch with how being more embodied can help us move with our horse more clearly and in a supportive way.

The morning is spent connecting to ourselves before working with the horses. This part is dedicated to discovering what it's like to feel our bodies in a dynamic way through movement.

We take a break for lunch to give everyone time to process before starting the afternoon rides and in the afternoon each person will get a 45 minute session with their horse. We take the skills you learn in the morning into the relationship with the horse.

Each lesson is tailored to the horse and rider combo.

In the morning those riding in the afternoon and anyone that wishes to audit the afternoon can participate!

The afternoon is limited to 5 riders

Embodied Bodyworker Workshop

Are you a bodyworker or horse owner that wants to learn how to touch a horse in a beneficial way that has an effect from the cellular level to the whole being?

This workshop is a full day and will involve deepening your own embodiment to deepen your ability to feel what the horse needs and have better access to your intuition.

Topics of exploration

  • Perception
  • Enhancing your feel
  • Fascia
  • Movement
  • Somatic practices

This is a class for people of all bodywork backgrounds as well as love for animals to come together to learn how to help them better through the way they touch them. It is great for beginners to seasoned bodyworkers!

The morning will be about exploring your own movement and developing your feel and the afternoon will be learning with the best teachers ever, the horses!


Host a Workshop

If you would like to host a workshop please email Lauren Harmon at Instilharmony@gmail.com

Please include the following in your email:

*workshop(s) you are interested in hosting

*your location

*what your facilities are like so I can plan

*do you have a specific focus that you are interested in

*If you have a specific discipline that you ride

A travel fee maybe added depending on location