The connection

Blessings abound – connectedness continues to amaze me. This afternoon’s session with Lauren Harmon at Body In Harmony was another paradigm shift for my body…after setting up my support system (feet first!), Lauren facilitated more space throughout my upper back, shoulders, neck and head. My german shepherd Aeryn was present beside us, patiently waiting her turn. When I stood up from the table to walk about and connect to the new sensations in my body, I could immediately see that Aeryn was freer in her shoulders and neck as well! So before Lauren had even touched her, Aeryn had tied into the energies being channeled within me and this had enabled her body to relax and allow space into those areas as well! Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thank you Lauren!

Aeryn Aeryn2 Aeryn3Lauren Harmon Certified Rolfer™
Certified Equine Structural Integration Practitioner
Rolfing ® Structural Integration Longmont and Fort Collins Colorado