Testimonial from Sarah and Prada

I can’t say enough good things about Lauren. I am a dressage rider and trainer and wish Lauren could work on all of the horses that I ride. I had the pleasure of having her work on my very sensitive mare for the last two + years and we both love Lauren for her calm and patient approach. A lot of the standard touches/ strokes were a bit too much for Prada to process initially and it always takes her a while to trust new people. Lauren was very patient with Prada’s comfort level and by the end of the two years Prada enjoyed her sessions with Lauren so much, I couldn’t believe it!

My horse has had a lot of health and body issues, of which we have finally figured out the underlying causes, but in the meantime Lauren was always very helpful in helping me identify areas of her body that were out of balance or tense and approaches to help her be best. She always took the time to listen to me describe what I was feeling under saddle and helped me understand where that tension was coming from in her body or where she might be compensating. She told me after a session once that she thought a lot of her issues were coming from her hind gut and after another month of pain, I started treating her for hind gut ulcers and the difference was amazing.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how wonderful Lauren is. I’m sad I have left Colorado and she can’t work with us anymore!


Lauren Harmon Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Certified Equine Structural Integration Practitioner
Rolfing ® Structural Integration Longmont and Fort Collins Colorado