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Instill Harmony is dedicated to helping horses, dogs and people embody their true brilliance and feel their best through heart centered integrative bodywork and movement!

Your movement can change the world!

“Lauren is a gifted bodyworker for both humans and horses alike.  She combines a refined sensitivity to her clients’ needs with a wealth of ingrained techniques and approaches.  She has a way of unwrapping the restrictions in both people and equines in such a gentle, perceptive and comprehensive fashion that they melt into the experience.”

~Joseph Freeman (Head Teacher at The Equine Movement School)

About Instill Harmony


Holistic healing for horses to help them feel their best and thrive as your equine partner ! ♥

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About Lauren

Lauren brings a holistic and heart centered approach to helping horse and humans feel better in their mind, body and soul ! ♥

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Holistic healing to help dogs prevent injury, reduce chronic pain, increase athletic performance and so much more!

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How Rolfing® Structural Integration Can Help Horseback Riders!

By Lauren | June 13, 2012

Every time we get on our horses we expose them to our own restrictions in our body which then causes their bodies to have to compensate for us. For example if one is not able to keep their hips relaxed and level due to tightness and lack of awareness then they will not be able…

Quote from Dr. Rolf about the Ten Series

By Lauren | June 7, 2012

“In Structural Integration, we expect to give a cycle of 10 sessions.  There is a reason for this.  We are not dealing with local problems.  We are not dealing with the kind of thing that you can say, ‘Well, I fixed that, that’s all.’  We are dealing with an intent to make a body more…

Make a tennis ball and a foam roller your new best friends!

By Lauren | May 31, 2012

You can use a foam roller and tennis ball to help keep our fascia feeling good. In addition to Rolfing® Structural Integration these exercises can be used to maintain your body whether it is for your daily life or for preparation for an event. They can also be used while you travel to assist with…

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