Jillian KreinBring

Thank you for an awesome weekend ?♾️?

Ever since I met Jillian (@jkinspiredllc ) in 2016, she has been an inspiration, someone I admire and a dear friend. She is an instrumental force in helping equestrians remember to be in a beautiful reciprocal relationship with the horses. She offers this guidance from a place of love, understanding and connection. She is a seeker of the why behind the how that helps the horses in our care live their best lives.

Her compassion for the horses is unparalleled. I have witnessed her with her herd and the gentle presence she offers them is so beautiful. She knows and honors that the time with them is sacred. She gives them her full presence and they deeply appreciate this offering. She walks the walk. She is a true representation of being authentic and expressing her full heart. ?

She is the epitome of what we should all strive to be for our horses because she’s always allowing herself to be curious and learn. She understands that it isn’t just one thing that helps the horses and that there’s no cookie cutter approach. You need to meet each horse, each sentient being where they are at. See what inspires them to dance with you!

Our world is a much better place with her in it because she is truly a voice for the horse and our interconnectedness to all things.

Deep gratitude and big love to you ???

JK Inspired LLC – Jillian R. Kreinbring