Winter Solstice Meditation

Take your time with each of these as they are meant to be felt at your own rhythm

Find a place where you can be comfortable and embrace the darkness that this time of year allows us to be cloaked in

Start by just observing our breath and letting yourself settle into your being

Allow the breath to go where you need it, where you feel a desire for more expansion in your being

With each breath Embrace the darkness for it is a space of profound beauty, a sanctuary for the energy of creation

Let yourself drink in your creativity and be nourished by the darkness

As you feel this nourishment imagine it starting to spark of light within you

Let that light grow brighter and brighter…   filling your heart ♥

Take a moment to bask in that light and feel that light fuel your gifts

Your unique gifts are meant to be shared with the world

Let yourself say the words “My being and life force  are my own to embody and I am ready willing and able to share my gifts with the world.”

Let yourself take a few more deep breaths to really let this settle in.

When you feel complete take a moment to express gratitude for your journey and our beautiful world

Deep Gratitude,

Lauren Harmon

Special thanks to Jennifer Hinton for leading a beautiful Winter Solstice Journey and Ceremony this evening. It was a magical experience enhancing our access to feel the bounty of the year and be fueled by the beautiful darkness