Winter Solstice Meditation

Take your time with this exploration as it is meant to be felt at your own rhythm

Find a place where you can be comfortable and imagine you are being embraced by the darkness that this time of year allows us to be cloaked in

Start to observe your breath and letting yourself settle into your body

Allow the breath to go where you need it, wherever you feel a desire for more expansion in your body

With each breath Embrace the darkness for it is a space of profound beauty, a sanctuary for the energy of creation

Let yourself drink in this creative force and be nourished by the darkness

As you feel this nourishment imagine it starting to spark of light within you

Let that light grow brighter and brighter…   filling your heart ♥

Take a moment to fully witness the light within and let that light imbue your whole body

Then gently ask that light to enhance your cells with power to more fully embody the light

Let yourself take a few more deep breaths to really let this settle in.

When you feel complete, take a moment to express love and gratitude for all that you are

Deep Gratitude,

Lauren Harmon