Testimonial from Margaret

I’ve worked with Lauren since early 2015.  A friend recommended I see Lauren for Rolfing after I fell off my horse because, 6 months after my fall, I still had a lot of chronic pain in my neck and left shoulder, limited range of movement, and struggled with my balance. I was getting regular chiropractic and massage therapy, but I wasn’t making any progress.

Prior to my first session with Lauren, I was anxious because I’d heard that Rolfing can be painful. However, Lauren’s fascia work was incredibly gentle, AND the effects were immediate.  After the first session I felt my body was in better alignment, my range of movement in my neck increased, I could breathe more deeply, my muscle spasms almost disappeared completely, and my balance was better.  My chiropractor and massage therapist both commented that they noticed my body was softer and more relaxed.  I FELT SO MUCH BETTER!   An added benefit was that I felt more balanced and confident when I rode my horse!

I’ve continued to work with Lauren and appreciate how much better my body feels after each session.  This Fall Lauren provided structural integration to my horses.  It was amazing to see the changes to each horse’s body during and after Lauren’s work.  Each horse had huge releases and noticeably improved movement.   All I can say is “WOW!” and “Thank you!”   I highly recommend Lauren!

Margaret Z