Testimonial for Rolfing SI for People and Horses

Body in Harmony owner and operator, Lauren Harmon, has done Structural Integration on the horses I’ve ridden (ToeKnee and Toby) and me. I will say, unequivocally, that this healing art form is effective and long lasting. As an aging human with plenty of severe trauma and injuries sustained over decades of active living and accidents (plus all the hardware in my spine and knee) I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try various forms of therapy (drugs, PT, “alternative”, etc.). Lauren Harmon‘s abilities to foster greater well being in humans and horses are nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend attending sessions like this as well as booking time with her yourself. I am confident that if not for Lauren‘s maintenance on my body, I would not be riding nearly as well as I am, if at all. After my last accident (2013) there was doubt I would ever ride again. Lauren saw me through the post accident, pre- and post-surgical b.s. And I ride on. Thank you, Lauren Harmon!