Power of words and thoughts

*Power of words and thoughts*

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” ~ Unknown

How we speak about ourselves and others is a very powerful thing. It manifests the energy of our life and the organization of our bodies on a cellular level. The good news is we have a say literally when it comes to being able to change the state of our being. There was a study done in Japan where they looked at water crystals. They compared the effects of negative words and positive words on water. When they froze the water from the negative words and looked at the crystals, it was chaotic and unorganized. Then they observed the positive words and the crystals were organized into beautiful shapes like snowflakes. A majority of the body is made of water so it is very influenced by emotions and words. Imagine what happens to your cells when your focus is negative? Then imagine what a powerful awareness it is to know that when you speak about yourself and others in a positive way, it can create a beautiful masterpiece!

Each day bring awareness to when you speak about yourself in a positive vs a negative way. To examine it further keep track for a day and see which way you tend to go. If you keep bringing this into your awareness you will be able to shift the pattern to be more positive.

Write three positive sentences describing yourself?

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