Overview of the Ten Series

Sleeve Sessions
Session 1

Open the breath. A free and open breath prepares the body
for the demands of the upcoming changes. A full breath
provides support for the chest, shoulders, and neck. Some
work on the arms may occur.
Session 2

Find the feet. Opening the breath changes the physical
demands on the feet, so we create flexibility and adaptability
there so that the whole body can feel supported.
Session 3

Lengthen the sides, balancing front and back. Now we
open up the sides of the body and differentiate soft tissue
of the pelvis from that of the ribs to allow the pelvis more
movement options.

Core Sessions (deep tissues influencing spine)

Session 4
Find support for and access “the core” from the bottom. The
core begins from the base of the pelvis up through the roof of
the mouth. We start this session by finding support through
the ankles up along the inner leg before accessing the core.

Session 5

Access the core from the front. We focus on the deep tissues
dealing with the front of the spine and core space to establish
flexibility in the low back.
Session 6

Access the core from the back. We address the deep tissues
of the back of the spine and core space to establish flexibility
in the low and upper back.
Session 7

Access the core from the top. By working in, on, and
around the head, we balance the head and neck atop the
flexible spine.

Integration Sessions

Session 8

Integrate the upper/lower body. Depending on the needs
that present themselves, we solidify changes in the upper or
lower body. Integration sessions help reprogram movements
and make changes last.

Session 9

Integrate the upper/lower body. Changes in the other part
of the body are reviewed in light of the changes of the
previous session.
Session 10

Integrate the entire body. We coordinate soft tissue
movement across multiple joints so that movement can be as
unfettered and free as possible.

Courtesy of Matt Hsu Certified Rolfer™


Lauren Gee Certified Rolfer™

Rolfing ® Structural Integration Longmont, Colorado