“The key question to keep asking is, are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.” — Randy Pausch


Life is meant to be lived with JOY.  Are you filling your days with things that make your heart sing? Are you making choices from a place of joy? Life can get busy leading to stress and monotony. When we make decisions from a place of stress it changes the energy behind it and takes away from the experience. Don’t let that happen or continue! Each moment is too precious in our fabulous lives. It’s time to consciously bring more joy in your life. Make a list of the top ten things that bring Joy into your life. This can be anything big or small like moments with your kids, smelling flowers, enjoying a cup of tea, time with your family and friends, going hiking, paddle boarding, learning something new, playing with your puppy, etc.  You might be surprised at the things that make it on that list. This really hit home for me when I realized I went a year without creating a single piece of artwork. I went to a Zentangle workshop and in that hour and a half I realized that part of my self-expression had been missing. This was a huge shift in my awareness of what I need in life to feel whole. What do you need to feel whole?

What are the top ten things that brings you JOY?