Intro to Equine SI Class June 24th!

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One Day Intro Equine Structural Integration class

Where:RMSAAM Elizabeth Campus
30522 Long Horn Circle
Elizabeth CO 80107

When: 9-5 June 24th

Cost: $150

Lauren Harmon, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ for people and horses, will be offering a one day introduction class to learn basic gentle skills for working with the fascia of the horse (connective tissue) based on the principles of structural integration. This therapy serves to help reduce restrictions in the fascia allowing for greater ease and organization in the body, decreased chronic pain and a more graceful animal.

The morning will be spent in the classroom learning about what fascia is and how to work with it. This will be done through learning about movement in our own bodies first, then working with a partner. With a partner each student will learn how to contact the tissue through working with the other student’s forearms.

A one hour break for lunch will be followed by observing a demo working with a horse and then go over a 15 step equine series.

Horse experience is preferred but not required. Please let the instructor know your experience level at time of enrollment.

Enrollment and questions to Lauren Harmon at

Please bring a lunch
Limited to 8 students

This is not a certification course, solely an introduction