Importance of Fascia

Why is fascia so important to our bodies and why must we maintain it?

Well the simple answer is that it is what gives our body structure and maintains the integrity of the tensegrity of the body. Fascia is a continuous tissue throughout the entire body like the parts of an orange that hold the pulp. In this example the pulp is the muscle. With out the fascia the muscle would not function. It is the fascia that causes the muscles to contract and lengthen. If there are restrictions, build up of scar tissue or injury to the fascia then the muscles are not able to glide and lengthen the way they were made to. This creates an unbalanced body and starts the formation of compensations.

This is where a Certified Rolfer™ or Practitioner of Structural Integration comes in. Their job is to break up these adhesions to the that tissue you can function at maximum capacity. The result of this is tissue that can glide, lengthen and metabolize better. To picture this better think of that same orange. If you were to take the orange and roll it around with a slight compression, it hydrates the orange making it easier to peel and the pieces easier to separate. This is a simple example of what is happening to the tissue when a Certified Rolfer™ has the chance to work with you. As a result your body becomes more balanced and able to function better.

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Watch this video by Gil Hedley! It is a great talk about “Fuzz” (fascia) and what happens when you stop moving!

Lauren Gee Certified Rolfer™
Rolfing ® Structural Integration Longmont and Boulder Colorado