Gratitude Meditation


Find a comfortable place sit and check in with how you feel

Feel your sits bones and take a few deep breaths into your belly exhaling through your sits bones

Let yourself feel your seat expand giving more support to your spine

Find a neutral position in your pelvis by gently allowing it to tilt forward and backward until you find a place of ease between the two. You may feel a gentle lift through your spine as a result

Then take a few deep breaths into your heart space and allow yourself to exhale through your fingertips

Next breath into your heart again letting love fill the space you just created with your breath and then let it spread throughout your being

Take a moment to let that settle in…

On your next few breaths hold yourself in gratitude and compassion. Let this gratitude fill every cell in your body

Meet yourself where you are at with your compassion and gratitude

Take as much time as you need to really soak this up

When you feel ready allow yourself to come back to the space and start to move your fingers and toes and gently move in your body

Check in with how you feel and let the love and gratitude that you cultivated enrich your day

Deep Gratitude,

♥ Lauren Harmon