Equine Movement Series


First Session- In this session rapport is established with the horse while working with the tension patterns. This allows for a deeper understanding of what direction the series is headed in.

Second Session- This session’s goal is to give the horse a better sense of support, increase security of moving off the ground and help bring out the power available in the hind end. The connective tissues in shoulders, pelvis and hip are freed up. The muscles and tendons of the legs are also freed up.

Third Session- In the third session the goal is to integrate the different muscles groups in order to increase function as a group not an individual muscle.

Fourth Session- This session works to create more fluidity and connection between the front and back end. Time is spent working with the spine and barrel to help the horse build this connection.

Fifth Session- This is an integrating session where the new pattern established is strengthened so that the horse moves more fluidly as a whole. The fascia is maintained while the horse has the chance to integrate and reinforce the new way of moving.

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Equine Rolfing® Structural Integration