Animal Healing

Body In Harmony will be offering Animal Rolfing® Structural Integration in the near future but if you are curious about it now then check out Briah Anson’s book Animal Healing. It is very inspiring and shows that Rolfing® Structural Integration is effective because there is no placebo affect with animals. One amazing story you will read about is her experience working with Moose. The story demonstrates how the Moose understood what she was doing and that he needed to be balanced because he made sure that she was able to access both sides without her having to change her position. The book also does a wonderful job of portraying that fact that not only does Rolfing® Structural Integration change our bodies to make them more balanced but in the process it allows us to flourish into the beings that we truly are. It is an incredible book and I highly recommend it to all that love animals!

Lauren Gee Certified Rolfer™

Rolfing ® Structural Integration Longmont and Denver Colorado