A Tree for the Holidays

So you want to get a tree for the holidays…

here are some ways to go about it that are sustainable and help nature!

There are certain areas of the local forest where you can get permits to cut down a tree and in doing so you help you keep the forest healthy by reducing overgrowth. It has to be done in a certain way though and each forest area has its requirements so make sure to check in with your local forestry service.  You will need to get a permit from them any way which from research I have seen is about $10.

Some of the the guidelines for choosing a tree are as follows

  • Only cut trees the are 6 inches in diameter or less in the areas that are designated to need thinning (there are certain areas where you can’t cut like near wetlands)
  • Choose ones that are in a cluster and leave the “perfect” ones and gor for the charlie brown tree!
  • Don’t just cut the top off the tree
  • Take bows from your own tree not ones you pass on your journey
  • Be prepare for the elements and have supplies with you to nourish you
  • Make sure to tell someone where you are going as you might not have service
  • As a bonus you will get in some dynamic movement and be in nature!
  • Bring something hot to drink and a beautiful spirit!

Always remember to give thanks to the forest! ♥

Happy Holidays and Deep Gratitude to the Forest for its Beautiful Gifts to us each season!