Choosing the right blanket for your horse is important for so many reasons. First and foremost is that if the horse if going to be wearing it for extended periods of time, say for an entire day, it needs to be able to move so it doesn’t restrict their movement!

The right fit will depend on your horse’s shape. Here are some questions to look at when choosing a blanket

  1. Can the horses shoulder move in a full range of motion?
  2. When the horse puts its head down to eat does can the neck stay relaxed where the blanket contacts horse’s neck?
  3. Is the blanket compressing the horses withers?
  4. Does the blanket create a twist in the horse’s spine or allow them to maintain a neutral spine (relaxed)
  5. Can the horse breath in it?


This goes for everything from heavy winter blankets to fly sheets!!!

¬†This blanket does a good job at addressing these questions. I haven’t ordered one for my horses yet. I hear that they run big so you may want to order the next size down. It comes in different weights. I have no ties to Rambo. I just merely wanted to share one blanket that offers some good options.