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Webinar With Wendy Murdoch

August 7, 2020

  I am very honored to have had the opportunity to do a Webinar with Wendy Murdoch on Fascia and Perception! I hope that you enjoy it!   With Gratitude, Lauren

Figure 8 Wrap

July 28, 2019


May 3, 2019

Choosing the right blanket for your horse is important for so many reasons. First and foremost is that if the horse if going to be wearing it for extended periods of time, say for an entire day, it needs to be able to move so it doesn’t restrict their movement! The right fit will depend…

Matching footwear!!!

April 19, 2019

Stormy the Donkey

March 3, 2019

Had the honor of working with this cutie today. It was spectacular. What a lovely soul. @ Happy Dog Ranch i#instillharmony#embodyyourbrilliance#donkey#happydogranch#adoptdontshop#gratitude#integrativebodywork#rolfer#embodiedequestrian#embodiedequine#lovethislife#happyday

A cold and fabulous Monday

November 13, 2018

Domingo took a fall while playing on the lunge about 3 weeks ago & I was thrilled to be able to significantly help him (with texting help from Lauren). Still, nothing replaces the touch of the master teacher to release those lingering blocks & twists! Thank you Lauren!   Embody Your Brilliance Lauren Harmon Certified Advanced…

Deep Gratitude to a Beautiful Horse

October 13, 2018

This horse was a magical being! She will be so deeply missed. A message from her person Amy We said goodbye to one of the most spectacular, magnificent horses that I have had the privilege and honor of calling my heart horse and partner. Dakota was truly one of a kind. She was larger than…

Holistic Horse Magazine

August 28, 2018

I am so incredible honored that Holistic Horse Magazine included my article on how to enhance your relationship with your horse through breathing. If you would like to check it out here is the link for the article! The breath connection          

Ride in Harmony Workshop at Medicine Horse

August 27, 2018

What a spectacular day for the Ride In Harmony workshop. Each participant and horse showed so much courage in their exploration of enhancing their connection and ability to perceive from their heart space. Thank you to all of you and to the amazing Sarah Virginia Barnes for co teaching with me. 🐎💜🐎🌻🐎 #instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #embodiedequine#embodiedequestrian #anamcara @ Medicine Horse Program

Let go of what’s not serving you!

June 12, 2018

Let go of what’s not serving you so you can embody your brilliance 🌻 #instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #embodiedequestrian #embodiedequine #horseslovebodywork

Lesson from the Animal Collective

March 29, 2018

We have the capacity to connect to nature when we transition from a human doing to a human being ~A message from Nature


March 14, 2018

  If you never leap, you will never know what it is like to fly! ~Leap   Photo Credit David Hofmann

Relaxation of the Hands and Upper Body

January 10, 2018

Your hands are an extension of your heart space so treat them well! You need a bouncy ball like you would get out of a gumball machine and a table! 1. take a walk and just notice how your neck and shoulders feel. 2. Take a bouncy ball and place it under the palm of…

Connection from Feet to Low Back

January 10, 2018

The tennis ball is to start bringing awareness to your feet which in turn will loosen the body up all the way into the hips and low back. Start off by taking a walk and get a baseline for how your feet feel when you walk and what your knees, hips, back and shoulders feel…

Supported Sitting

January 10, 2018

Since most people spend a lot of their day sitting this article will be focused on how to sit in a supported way which protects the back maintaining a lumbar curve in your lower back and helps maintain range of motion in the hips. Find a chair or bench to sit on! You want to…

Horses make me a better human

December 29, 2017

Winter Solstice Meditation

December 22, 2017

Take your time with each of these as they are meant to be felt at your own rhythm Find a place where you can be comfortable and embrace the darkness that this time of year allows us to be cloaked in Start by just observing our breath and letting yourself settle into your being Allow…

A Tree for the Holidays

December 11, 2017

So you want to get a tree for the holidays… here are some ways to go about it that are sustainable and help nature! There are certain areas of the local forest where you can get permits to cut down a tree and in doing so you help you keep the forest healthy by reducing…