More than a Snapshot

We are all more than snapshots in time 💓
Unless we really make the effort to get to know someone and be a witness to what they have experienced in this life then we can’t really know what it’s like to be them and all that has gone into getting to the point where they are now.
You may only see a snapshot of their life and when you do remember that there’s always a story to how they got to that point. That snapshot could be a momentous success for them and a point of progress on a non-linear pathway to something they’re striving towards.
So please be compassionate when you witness that snapshot because if it doesn’t match the ideal that you have in your head of what something is “supposed” to be like, it can be easy to go to the place of judgment and be hyper critical of that being’s journey.
Maybe instead approach the image with curiosity of wondering how they got to that point, what they’re going through in life and how can you learn more about them?
Who in your life do you want to get to know better so that you can really deepen your relationship and understand them from a place of wholeness not a snapshot?