Embodied Equine


At Instill Harmony we offer a gentle blending of Rolfing® Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral, Movement work, and a heart centered approach to helping your horse feel their best!

This work helps horses tap into the innate wisdom of the body to enhance their experience of their world and heal themselves. When they can access and cultivate connection throughout the whole body they can move with ease and grace.

If injury, trauma, or life circumstances lead to disconnection in the body, it creates a disconnect in the mind, body and spirit. In addition, it leaves quite areas in the tissue where the connection has diminished. This results in the horse lacking access to their whole body and weakness.

The brilliant part is that this has the possibility to change through cultivating awareness, helping enhance the health of the tissue (especially the fascia), movement, understanding the bio-mechanics of the horse and rider, breath, and an allowance for shift in perception of what’s possible.


What to expect after a session

The horse should have the rest of the day off

The next day should be a light ride and if the horse is a jumper they should have a day free from jumping

After a session the horse will benefit from a hand walk or turnout

They may be extra playful as they explore their new body so keep that in mind that if they run too much in turnout you may want to bring them in

This time allows them to learn what their body is capable off