Equine Structural Integration Classes for Horse Owners


Introduction to Equine Structural Integration Bodywork for Horse Owners

Lauren Harmon, a Certified Rolfer™ for people and horses, will be offering a one day class for horse owners to learn basic gentle skills for working with their horse’s fascia (connective tissue).


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Why take this class?

Help your horse with things like

  • Pain relief
  • Range of motion
  • Performance enhancement!

(This is not a certification course, solely an introduction)

  • The class is $150 per person (limited to six people unless at RMSAAM)
  • To register email Lauren Harmon at bodyinharmonysi@gmail.com
  • If you would like to host a class at your barn let us know!

 Testimonials from the class!


I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Lauren’s one-day workshop on Structural Integration for Horses! It is HANDS DOWN the best one day equine class I’ve ever taken! Not only will you learn effective techniques to help your horses, you’ll learn ones to help yourself too! I use what I learned in this class every day on my own herd of 6 horses with chronic pain issues. They love it! I even used it to help my husband when he fell off one of our horses. And one of her techniques helped my own elbow pain immediately. This is GREAT, effective stuff! I combine her techniques with self-taught Masterson Method and NOW I feel like I FINALLY have an effective toolbox of techniques to truly make a difference for my herd who all have different chronic pain issues. Now I am EMPOWERED to help my herd in between sessions of paid body work/chiro/acupuncture. Gift yourself and your herd with this class, it’s the gift that keeps on making a real difference (See Charm releasing in the pic!)

Charm Jennifer O

~Jennifer Oikle

Just want to let eveyone know what a great time I had in the Structural Intergration class for equines last weekend. Lauren did a great job explaing the differnt strokes and we had plenty of time to do hands on work on each other (to understand the priciple behind the strokes) before we worked with the horses at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. The class was small enough that we all had plenty of one-on-one attention for questions and help with the horses. It’s always fun taking a class from someone who has a lot of experience doing the work they teach. I can’t for my personal session with her at the end of the month!

~Mary Hajner

Lauren held a wonderful SI for horses workshop atZuma’s Rescue Ranch on Sunday. It was so informative and fun! She is a beautiful person and a great teacher. I did Postural Integration with humans for a time years ago and am looking forward to getting back into it with horses. The techniques are gentle, intuitive and the horses seem to love it! I recommend this workshop with Lauren to anyone who wishes to have a closer contact with our Equine partners!

In gratitude, Lauren Munger