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July 20th

Embodied Equestrian Workshop at Spirit Heart Ranch

You and your horse have your own unique story. Sometimes this lends itself to a smooth partnership and other times the patterns and stories you each embody amplify the patterns that don't serve you. As the rider you have ability to change this and help you and your horse embody your brilliance!

Do you have a desire to be more connected to your horse and feel more in tune with your heart, mind and body? In this workshop we will work on combining body awareness and biomechanics of the horse and rider to enhance the way you work together. It will give you tools for when you are working with your horse on your own and with your trainer!

In this workshop we will get in touch with how being more embodied can help us move with our horse more clearly and in a supportive way.

The morning is spent connecting to ourselves before working with the horses. This part is dedicated to discovering what it's like to feel our bodies in a dynamic way through movement.

We take a break for lunch to give everyone time to process before starting the afternoon rides

In the afternoon each Rider will get a 45 minute riding session with their horse. We take the skills you learn in the morning into the relationship with the horse.

Each lesson is tailored to the horse and rider combo.

9am-11 Body Awareness for riders on the ground (focuses on the
riders preparing them for the horses)
11-12 Lunch
12-5:30pm Riding sessions (45 minutes each)

Morning only participation $75 (unlimited) - If you participate in the morning you can audit the afternoon

Morning participation and Riding Session $200 (limited to 7)

If you are trailering in for the workshop you will need to have a current coggins and healthy cert and pay a $15 trailer in fee.

To register email Lauren Harmon at

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