Welcome Annie Stiefel the Acupuncturist!

I would like to give a warm welcome to Annie Stiefel.  She has joined us at 320 Main St in Longmont, Co. Here is what she has to say about acupuncture.

“Most people don’t realize that acupuncture can safely and effectively treat a wide variety of disorders and illnesses. In addition to treating pain, it can treat common colds and flu, allergies, GI problems, women’s issues, migraines, neurological problems, arthritis, insomnia and mood disorders, just to name a few. Here at Longmont Acupuncture, we take a multi faceted approach. Acupuncture, herbal formulas, auricular therapy and lifestyle counseling can be used together to create a treatment plan that works both internally and externally to get you feeling better fast. In addition, traditional therapies like tui na, cupping, moxabustion, electrical stimulation and massage are frequently incorporated into customized treatment plans at no additional charge. Longmont Acupuncture offers a truly holistic health care alternative that is safe, effective and affordable.”

I have personal worked with Anne for various reason and have always had great results. I highly recommend her as a practitioner!

To Schedule with Annie call 303-588-5127

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