Embody Your Brilliance

Relaxation of the Hands and Upper Body

By Lauren | Jan 10, 2018

Your hands are an extension of your heart space so treat them well! You need a bouncy ball like you would get out of a gumball machine and a table! 1. take a walk and just notice how your neck and shoulders feel. 2. Take a bouncy ball and place it under the palm of…

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Connection from Feet to Low Back

By Lauren | Jan 10, 2018

The tennis ball is to start bringing awareness to your feet which in turn will loosen the body up all the way into the hips and low back. Start off by taking a walk and get a baseline for how your feet feel when you walk and what your knees, hips, back and shoulders feel…

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Supported Sitting

By Lauren | Jan 10, 2018

Since most people spend a lot of their day sitting this article will be focused on how to sit in a supported way which protects the back maintaining a lumbar curve in your lower back and helps maintain range of motion in the hips. Find a chair or bench to sit on! You want to…

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Horses make me a better human

By Lauren | Dec 29, 2017
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Winter Solstice Meditation

By Lauren | Dec 22, 2017

Take your time with each of these as they are meant to be felt at your own rhythm Find a place where you can be comfortable and embrace the darkness that this time of year allows us to be cloaked in Start by just observing our breath and letting yourself settle into your being Allow…

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A Tree for the Holidays

By Lauren | Dec 11, 2017

So you want to get a tree for the holidays… here are some ways to go about it that are sustainable and help nature! There are certain areas of the local forest where you can get permits to cut down a tree and in doing so you help you keep the forest healthy by reducing…

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Gratitude Meditation

By Lauren | Nov 26, 2017

  Find a comfortable place sit and check in with how you feel Feel your sits bones and take a few deep breaths into your belly exhaling through your sits bones Let yourself feel your seat expand giving more support to your spine Find a neutral position in your pelvis by gently allowing it to…

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Meditation to connect to the Majesty of the Horse

By Lauren | Nov 15, 2017

A gentle meditation to help you connect to moment you first became aware of the horse As you read through this go slowly and at your own pace remembering to pause as needed! Take a few deeps breaths allowing yourself to feel supported by the ground, the earth, the space around you. Fill your belly…

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Let yourself love fully!

By Lauren | Oct 19, 2017

#instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #lovethislife #heart #heartspace

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You Deserve to Thrive

By Lauren | Sep 6, 2017

#instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #lovethislife #shareyourgifts

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Cherish the simple moments

By Lauren | Aug 10, 2017

Take time to enjoy the simple moments and that deep connection with your horse #instillharmony #embodyourbrilliance  #horse  #embodiedequestrian      

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Chasing Coral-Protect the Oceans Reefs

By Lauren | Jul 29, 2017

Chasing Coral is a must see for all. It delves into the reality of our coral reefs and how in trouble they are. They were able to capture images of coral reef bleaching happening due to rises in the temperature of the water. They took shots of the reef everyday and showed how over a…

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Make a Difference Safari 2017

By Lauren | Jun 3, 2017

The trip is called the make a difference but we are the ones that come home different! Africa has embraced a piece of my heart for a long time now and is a second home. It is one of the most warm and heart centered places I have ever been. This trip marked my 6th…

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Happy Sunday

By Lauren | Apr 16, 2017

Happy Sunday From Instill Harmony! We hope that you are having a spectacular day filled with sunshine and love!   Lauren Harmon Embody Your Brilliance!

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Testimonial From Stephanie

By Lauren | Mar 14, 2017

“Many years ago I met a Rolfer and when the technique was described, it sounded harsh and painful. Then I attended a clinic few months ago and met Lauren, a Certified Advanced Rolfer, and after sharing my previous experience, she did a sample of her work on my arm. Oh my gosh! So different. Her…

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