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Instill Harmony is dedicated to helping horses, dogs and people embody their true brilliance and feel their best through heart centered integrative bodywork and movement!

Your movement can change the world!

“Lauren is a gifted bodyworker for both humans and horses alike.  She combines a refined sensitivity to her clients’ needs with a wealth of ingrained techniques and approaches.  She has a way of unwrapping the restrictions in both people and equines in such a gentle, perceptive and comprehensive fashion that they melt into the experience.”

~Joseph Freeman (Head Teacher at The Equine Movement School)

About Instill Harmony


Holistic healing for horses to help them feel their best and thrive as your equine partner ! ♥

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About Lauren

Lauren brings a holistic and heart centered approach to helping horse and humans feel better in their mind, body and soul ! ♥

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Holistic healing to help dogs prevent injury, reduce chronic pain, increase athletic performance and so much more!

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Holistic Horse Magazine

By Lauren | August 28, 2018

I am so incredible honored that Holistic Horse Magazine included my article on how to enhance your relationship with your horse through breathing. If you would like to check it out here is the link for the article! The breath connection          

Ride in Harmony Workshop at Medicine Horse

By Lauren | August 27, 2018

What a spectacular day for the Ride In Harmony workshop. Each participant and horse showed so much courage in their exploration of enhancing their connection and ability to perceive from their heart space. Thank you to all of you and to the amazing Sarah Virginia Barnes for co teaching with me. 🐎💜🐎🌻🐎 #instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #embodiedequine#embodiedequestrian #anamcara @ Medicine Horse Program

Let go of what’s not serving you!

By Lauren Harmon | June 12, 2018

Let go of what’s not serving you so you can embody your brilliance 🌻 #instillharmony #embodyyourbrilliance #embodiedequestrian #embodiedequine #horseslovebodywork

Integrative Bodywork and Movement For Horses and Other Animals

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Rolfing Structural Integration For Horses

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